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Medium Fabric Portable Closet

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  • This wardrobe is a new, unique one-piece PP ferrule that is strong and strong. Compared to the conventional three-way wardrobe, this wardrobe is both practical and durable.
    Name: Reinforced new integrated PP card cover wardrobe
    Size: 170CM x 105CM x 45CM
    Product features, materials and styles make it possible for users to afford personalized furniture and decorate your home with a better place. Our business philosophy is: customer first, service first.
    Please note:
    Make sure that all poles reach the bottom of the connector hole;
    Be careful when assembling and disassembling.
    Please make sure all poles reach the bottom of plastic connectors.
    Please rotate the tubes while assembling to avoid any damage to the connectors.
    The small holes on the hanging bar are not for screws.
    Daily maintenance, please try to avoid long time sun exposure and keep it in a dry place to mildew.